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I know you all sit on the edge of your seats waiting for the Lobo Report. Well I didn't see the game as I was en route to El Paso. (more on that later) I've only heard sporadic reports. But, yes, the Lobos gave Air Force a tough game. UNM was hampered by losing starting QB B.R. Holbrook to concussion. UNM's other QB, option phenom Freshman Cole Gautsche not suited up due to a concussion. Yep, the third string was in.

So what do you do when you have your third string QB playing? Run the ball.

Everyone knows you are going to run the ball. The defense can key on your running back. It limits his effectiveness. Yeah, so the aptly named Kasey Carrier only managed 338 yards. UNM lost to AFA 28-23 and fought through the whole game. I've reported on Carrier previously here. He seems like a good & smart kid. Hits wholes fast and spends more time running forward rather than sideways. The O line has been great. I expect to see Carrier in the NFL.

Narrow losses to conference rivals Boise State and Air Force with four wins. Pretty damn good for "The Worst Team in College Football."


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