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I agree. I used to live in DFW and most of my local friends were Texas grads. I love Austin and and Texas felt a lot like UF .....better actually, but in the same vein. But then they ruined it. UTex is a poison to college football. They almost killed the Big12, they ran off Nebraska and aTm...ruining two of the best rivalries in college Football.

I have to believe that the UTex / aTm game will be renewed in a few years...hopefully Oklahoma and Nebraska can do the same. There is nothing wrong with a OoC rivalry, Texas/Oklahoma was a great one before the Big12 was formed.

I disagree on the playoffs. There is too much emphasis on trying to determine who is the real "national champion" Screw that. I prefer arguing about it. Just give me good bowl games at the end of the year were we get to match top teams from different regions against each other. The BCS system has essentially done that and the "4 team playoff" will hopefully do it a little better. Eight (or more??) teams allows too many undeserving teams to get a shot and devalues the regular season. I realize that most people don't share this opinion and most every other sport has an extended playoff system.....but that's one of the reasons I like college football......every game counts and there is no absolute.

I like the idea of Eight-- no more. I used to think 16 or 20, but have changed. With Eight you get the six or so that have a real shot, plus can slot in a couple of more. It is still few enough that the focus remains on the regular season. One loss might drop a team out, and then the fans get to bitch about how they are better than...

Take the five Champions of the big conferences. SEC, BigTen, Big12, Pac10, ACC the best of the other conferences (polls) if they are ranked above 12 and two "at large" teams.
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I'm sorry your dog died before you got to beat it with a dead chicken.

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