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Bad ass trip, Doug. It amazes me what you went through to keep that old bike going dude! And not to mention helping everyone else while you were at it. Right ON.

an afterthought:
I've heard lots of bullshit going around over the past few years, that most of the CBR guys are rich fuckers with too much money, too much time on their hands, blah blah blah. Just cheap talk IMO. The pussy ass bitches talking that shit are TALKING while the CBR guys (AND gals) are RIDING. So STFU all you sour grapes assholes. (none of which are on advrider -to my knowledge- BTW)
Get off the couch every so often and get out on the bikes why dontcha.

Ciao 4 now Doug, see ya around man.

ricochetrider in PA.
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