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Originally Posted by Jurgen View Post
I like the idea of Eight-- no more. I used to think 16 or 20, but have changed. With Eight you get the six or so that have a real shot, plus can slot in a couple of more. It is still few enough that the focus remains on the regular season. One loss might drop a team out, and then the fans get to bitch about how they are better than...

Take the five Champions of the big conferences. SEC, BigTen, Big12, Pac10, ACC the best of the other conferences (polls) if they are ranked above 12 and two "at large" teams.
Yeah, but the only difference will be, we will argue about the eight selected and so and so should have been included. If so and so were included, they surely would have won the NC.

I'm with Sdill, run what ya brung. Let the chips fall where they may. Gripe about it until next year and start over.
Hillary, it would be like Frasier being elected president; only uglier.
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