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Originally Posted by red bud View Post

if ya ever stop on the top of blood mt (named after a big indian war, many moons ago) is a killer (and by killer i mean high priced) backpacking store right where the appalachian trail crosses neals gap. This is the only place on the AT the trail has a roof over it

it's also know for hiking boot fitting. And if you've had enough of your old boots

throw em to the shoe tree ( it's probably called something else)

Been there, on a hike from Springer Mt. up to Great Smokey Natl Park.

I'd been on the trail for a few days to get there and when I walked in to the lot a noticed a couple locals downing some Bud Light and eating out of a paper sack in a jeep. The bigest and ugliest of the two staggers, uh I mean wanders over to offer me a beer. About two sips into it he offered me some boiled peanuts. Didn't sound too appetizing but out of courtesy (and Deliverance bing a love story and all) I tried some. Never really got a taste for boiled dirt and peanuts

Swlled my beer and hauled ass on up the trail. Beautiful country though
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