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Originally Posted by rtwdoug View Post
there were alot of people on the CB that have money. some have alot. like millionaire types.
And some of the guys riding dont have any mechanical skills, and had others working on their bikes for them
But, they did ride the bikes. Not everyone can fix a bike, but they all rode their old bikes for over 3000 miles.

Yeah, Im sure it made life easier to pull in at night, hand the bike over to your crew and go relax in your hotel room.

I know staying up late wrenching then tossing the sleeping bag down next to the bike at midnite wasnt the most comfy way to do it, but it worked ok for me. I did find somewhere inside to sleep on the real cold nites tho :)

So rich or poor, I gotta hand it to everyone that rode.
because it wasnt a fuckin picnic.

but it sure was fun!

I had it explained to me one time that some people have wrenches in their toolboxes and some have a check book in theirs. I have tools in mine and the guys with check books in theirs sometimes make my wrenches worth more money. Bein rich ain't a crime. Never had a poor guy pay me to work on anything. It's what's in your head and heart that counts. If I could do the CB, and I'm thinking about trying to find a basket case to start on, I'd do it your way because that's the way I go. Nothing against the chase crews and nice rigs. Neither way is wrong just different. But to me Doug, your way rocks!!
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