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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
the two have nothing in common
Both convictions are based upon testimony and circumstantial evidence. Other than that, Absolutely Nothing in common...

Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
this has gone beyond if Lance doped or not. who gives a rats ass...
Apparently you do give something more than a rats ass with your unreasoned ramblings about the proceedings resulting in a sociopathic cheat being given his just penalty.

A coupla points to ponder:
1. The statute of limitations is not applicable due to the serial nature of the program and the fact that it went on into the past two years. The SofL is based upon the date of the end of violations. Besides that, there is the racketeering nature of the violations that makes the SofL void.

2. Since you don't race and probably don't know anybody that does race at that level, the cheating by LA's team and all those around it, has no affect on your life. For racers that did or do race and chose not to dope, these F*CKING CHEATERS stole their opportunity to compete at the highest levels of bike racing. Imagine if you knew you had the talent to race with these guys but weren't willing to cheat to do it. You'd probably go back to racing in the US like many of my friends or take up another sport like others. I know several guys that were rockstars here but couldn't make it in Europe. These were guys that competed well stateside with the guys implicated in the "Reasoned Decision".

So when you say this is an unfair process, you're absolutely full of shit. The unfairness of it started in the 90's...
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