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I'll play. Didn't read the entire thread, so I hope that after two years it's still about minimal gear on lightweight bikes, but without the under 250cc requirement.

I've taken two camping trips with my current setup. A 4-day trip in June to test my gear and plan for "The Big One," and The Big One: 11 days to and through Idaho by dirt report be here

what food do you bring?
Candy bars and snacks

what cooking equipment do you use?
None, Don't want to deal with the weight and bulk on this bike. I have to stop at a gas station at least once a day, so I get food there. Usually there's a restaurant of some sort to get a decent meal. Yes, that sometimes results in me eating one meal a day.

what gear (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad) do you use?
Eureka Mountain Pass 2XTE tent, Kelty 20 deg down bag, no pad, jacket in shirt for pillow

how do you load it onto your bike?
Wolfman Rolie Luggage thing. A medium bag on each side, a small bag on the top, and the tent strapped on top of the small bag.

Sleeping bag in the left, Tools on the right, change of clothes in the top bag. Gerber Saw hanging out on the head light, which didn't really work because a segment of it fell out at some point leaving me with a pretty worthless saw.
Also a tiny hatchet in the top bag, which was useful for tent stakes and not much else.

what bike do you have?
2007 450EXC with 540 big bore kit.
Had it for a little over two years now.

any modifications to your bike (reinforced sub-frame, luggage rack, large tank, etc)?
The 540 kit, big squishy seat and Clarke 3.1 gallon tank were all from the previous owner. I bought the Acerbis 6.6G tank in June and only plan to use it for big miles though the serious middle of nowhere.
Sicass Racing stuff for the rear lights
Trail Tech HID light on the handlebar, that I never use because I usually quit riding when it gets dark
Trailtech kickstand
Double Take mirror
Barkbusters and Skid plate, but that shit goes without saying these days

with all of the above questions, how do you pack it tightly and securely for bumpy off-road riding (oh yeah, i aint talkin about riding down some straight paved road to the next camp spot, i'm riding OFF-ROAD)
The Wolfman thing did really good. For a jacket I used the liner from my Fieldsheer coat, and stuffed it with the tent when not using.

I had to leave a lot of the "Normal" camping gear behind to keep the weight down for offroading at decent speed.
No sleeping pad, food, cooking gear or stove, extra clothes. Less ammo than usual.
Didn't skimp on tools.

On my chest protector, I zip-tied some sort of ammo pouch that's the right size for a camera, map and sometimes a compass. Makes it easy to go from 60 to zero to taking a picture and back up to 60 in no time!
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