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Originally Posted by Mercury264 View Post
You will LOVE it

For me, the noise (and the hair are standing up on the back of my neck just thinking about it) of a Formula 1 car passing you for the first time at full tilt will stay with you forever.

It is worse than that, you will be hooked forever. You will find yourself staying up all night so you can watch a race in Asia live. You will be planning trips to far away locations....make the first one the Belgian GP.

Now to indoctrinate you properly, you must cheer for the Red Cars. You will need a 2x3 meter dancing horse flag. Every time they come by you have to give that cowbell all it can take. And if you are behind a Red Bull fan, you need to knock them off their feet with your airhorn every time they stand up. Consider it your DRS.

Have a great time....
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