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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
if you think USADA's process if fair, then you also think throwing folk in jail for pot is fair and the war on drugs is $$$ millions well spent. which by the way you have not answered???

to justify USADA's spending 10 million dollars a year? this bullshit about cleaning up the sport is total horseshit. what cleaned it up with tighter testing and advancing technologies. NOT anything USADA did 10+ years after the fact.

Those two statements alone pretty much make your "arguments" sound like pointless rambling.

I, for one, think USADA's process was as fair and necessary as it needed to be. I don't mind that it cost $10mil of taxpayer dollars. We waste a BOATLOAD more than that daily in many other ways. I DO NOT think that throwing folks in jail for pot is fair, and that the bogus war on drugs is fair.

By the way, have you pulled your head out of the sand long enough to see all of these other confessed dopers coming out of the woodwork and the major changes happening in cycling as we speak due to this? Do you honestly think any of that would have happened without the USADA doing what they did and releasing the "Reasoned Decision" on LA?

If you think that these guys would have come forth at some point in this kind of numbers on their own accord, you're outta your gourd. There needed to be some provocation -- some jolt -- to shake things up in the peloton and to get people to change their ways. This was that jolt.

Because your hero LA is at the middle of it, though, the entire thing becomes a big bullshit conspiracy for you?

Again, get your head out of the sand and look at the BIG PICTURE of what has been accomplished in the last two weeks alone for cycling. You really think the sport has been totally clean, even recently? Fat chance. I'd say there's a much better chance of cycling getting cleaned up now that all of this dirty laundry is hanging out there for folks to see...and if Pat McQuaid and company at UCI get thrown out in favor of some newer, less corrupt seeming folks, that's even more progress.
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