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May have to consider your suggestions, for phrasing the ad for the DL1000 come spring Mr. Canoehead.
More likely I'll remove the expensive bits (countless) and sell them seperately on various forum sites and advertise the bike close to stripped, for a very reasonable price. Either way it's gone, long gone...

Prepping quickly for the what turned out to be a night ride, I set the suspension (preload, compression and rebound settings) for a 170 to 200 lbs rider, when in reality I'm 200 lbs without gear, but thought the softer settings would help, considering the temps were barely over 40 degrees F.

WRONG, although the night ride was an absolute hoot, the handling was WAY off, not suprising considering that Buell's are considered extremely sensitive to suspension setup. The next day in preperation for a trip to a friend's garage for storage, I reset to a more sensible base of a 200 to 230 lbs rider and as suggested in the owner's manual, backed off the compression and rebound settings half a turn, to compensate for the low temps. Voila, whole different bike handling wise, no suprise really and just a teaser, to show how this bike will be a pleasure to dial in and enjoy learning while doing it !

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