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Did you have any major surprises in the last 15k? I only ask because mine will cross 50k very soon.

Last 15k have been painless as been most of it.
Issues since new, the 77 connector left me down on the first weekend i had it, diagnosed and fixed on the side of the road before my tow arrived, not an issue since.
Snap a belt in the high 20's, my fault, i'll say no more.
Approximately 34k throttle body shaft broke, dead on the road, this and a set of rear wheel bearings are the only tine it left me stranded.
I change the fluids, adjust the clutch, lube and tighten, maintenance is stupid crazy!
I have an 1125 CR which i am putting up for sale (any interest?) it's one of a hell faster and a lot of fun but just doesn't speak to me like the XB's
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