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We are now out in the desert miles from anyone (I have better signal than at home... Go figure) and we just laid down in the new bed for the first time...

This setup is awesome!
I believe the exact sentence I just heard was "I wish we could get our bedroom at home setup this well"

The overhanging counter tops that go over our feet are great! My glass of wine is resting safely in arms reach yet the counter ends to where it doesn't interfere with me at all. I can also sit up and I have 3 inches of head clearance from the overhead cabinet I've smacked my head on so many times :-)

Overall we are loving the huge counter tops... It is such useful space. Everything about this new layout is so much more ergonomic.

Initial impression is that we made the right choice to re-design based on our comfort and put the gear we carry second; and so far it seems well worth all of the extra work.... We will see how it shakes out over the next few days.

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