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i have had over 150 puch based mopeds. if there is anything you need, shoot me a pm and i'll help with what i can from california.

what are your intentions with the bike?

stock cruiser?
70mph super blaster?
somewhere in the middle?

if you need parts, the best place to get aftermarket goodies is

he'll have eveything you need as far as cables, tires, tubes, chains, brake shoes, etc......

for starters. atf type f in the trans

mix the gas 40:1 (stock says 50:1, but 40:1 with a halfway decent oil is better.

for spark plugs, don't run the b5hs that it says, they like to run the best on a b7hs if its moderate weather, or b6hs if its a colder climate.....

make sure it has an air filter. it should be shaped like a big cigar. if you take it off and split it in half in the middle where it comes apart there is a metal screen filter in there, they can rust up and plug. if its all rusty, go to your mom's/wives pantyhose drawer and put about 4 passes of pantyhose on the split in the airbox and snap it back together.

lots of times the horns are corroded, and some years they ground the ignition thru the horn circuit. if when running the bike, the horn is on, or for some reason you dont have spark, try plugging the horn wires together.

have fun.

heres a custom i did for a friend

one i did for my brother

one i did for myself

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