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Originally Posted by dirty_sanchez View Post
Blue liquids are removable...

Ask for Loctite pn. 1330583. This is a 10ml bottle of one of the new primerless, higher temp (360F) red permanent threadlockers. Once again, there's no way those rotor bolts are going to get up to 360F-even under racing conditions.
Why red, rather than the 243 blue? Maybe it's just because my day job is around race cars, but I don't think of a brake rotor as something that gets permanently installed. I've torched red Loctite out of a bent handlebar before (threaded bar end inserts for hand guards). Wouldn't want to have to do that on M8 fasteners in a large aluminum casting like a wheel. Could be annealing the casting and throwing it in the recycle bin before the fasteners were up to temp to get the wisp of smoke.

Color: Blue
Specification: NSF/ANSI 61
Style: Primerless / Oil Tolerant Liquid
Type: Threadlocker
Performance: Medium Strength
Container Type: Bottle
Container Size: 10 mL
Temperature: -65[DEG]F - 360[DEG]F
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