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I love this thread - all these pasty white dough boys - many who suit up in their matching top and bottom lycra riding outfits each weekend and hop on their $10,000+ TDF replica bikes - getting all self-righteous in their rants about morals and ethics, or the lack thereof - the ones who have wanted Lance's head on a platter for the past 12+ years. Why do all of you hate Lance so much? What has he done to hurt you? Those fuckers on Wall Street cheat and lie to make their millions each year at the expense of so many, yet you choose to hate Lance with such intensity? I know, you're jealous. Lance played in the Big Show and you don't and you never will. The Big Show was watched by millions of people because it had nothing to do with mere mortals like you. Who watches you race? They wanted what they want in any Big Show; special effects and a super hero. Lance delivered. He was the Jason Bourne of cycling. His face is etched in our minds just like Matt Damon's. Those epic mountain stages, grueling time trials, podium photo ops., etc.. The only difference is that Lance didn't have Hollywood's magic to create those special effects; he - and the other members of the cast - had to rely on a different kind of wizardry. Their special effects involved bringing physiology to a level that could make them super heroes. Only Lance was different - he had more talent to start with as well as good looks - a match made in Hollywood/elite professional sports heaven. The fact is, none of us really have any clue what it's like to compete on the world stage at the highest level possible. The stakes are beyond what our little minds could ever imagine including the notion that athletes performing at this level treat their bodies the same as the tools/machines they use to compete with. So, tear yourselves away from the copy machine. Leave your hatred there and return to your cubicles and go back to shopping for the latest and greatest groupo online while on your employer's nickel. Millions of people watched a super hero for seven years. They fell in love with him and they fell in love with professional cycling because of him. That's how the Big Show works. As for you - poor you. They don't know you. You're a nobody - nothing but a spiteful, insecure wannabe.
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