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Originally Posted by Carter Pewterschmidt View Post
It's not about the extra maintenance of a KTM, it's this...

When I worked at a shop we had a tech that used to work on KTMs and told me they were unreliable, but since I was on this forum before working there and reading these countless KTM problem threads I had already made that assumption. These are all threads updated within the last 2 weeks and most of these threads are relating to bikes within 5 years old. You don't see another make of single cylinder bike on this forum that have as many collective problem threads as KTM.

I ride a bike that's almost 30 years old so I know all about up keep. I keep my oil changed my chain clean, change fork oil, change brake fluid, adjust valves, etc, but these KTM problems are more than just low interval valve adjustments and difficult oil changes.

The KTM may be a more hi tech bike with a lot more good parts and loads more character than any Jap bike, but they're like a race bike, they need too much attention. The performance edge you loose when riding a jap bike you make up for when not spending thousands of dollars fixing or countless hours working on it. Not everyone has the time or money for that, or do they want to. It's not about knowing how to work on a bike, or being afraid of it, it's that some people don't want to spend valuable time doing it. Maybe if you have no other hobbies, or work 30 hours a week, or hate your wife and want to spend every weekend in the garage away from her, but that's not the case with everybody.
Thanks for taking the time to compile that. Pretty much describes it. I try to follow whether or not some KTMs or the new models are better. Maybe some day, but then the price. In spite of the bs banter, it is true that Honda makes some high-performance motorcycles similar to KTM, but better for reliability and maintenenance.

In spite all of the things we don't like, Honda makes great motorcycles. Some models made just one or two years are seen running for 20-30 years, some have a cult following.

Very unfortunate that the latest offering 250L is 317 lbs, not a great dual sport at all, a mall cruiser or dirt road rider.

Yep, the XR400R resurrected on new frame and suspension and FI, or my dream slightly smaller 300, would be a great dual sport that one could trail ride on real terrain.
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