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Originally Posted by leo_jb View Post
Kelly and Matt -

Still catching up with your ride report and really enjoying it! I was just watching your videos in Black Dragon Wash and was wondering how you can do that two up without mangling (is that a word even?) your front rim? I don't get it! I put an Excel rim on my 990 about a year ago and I already have a couple of nice dents in it, even though I typically don't air down at all (about 32psi). And I ride solo. What are you using for the front rim?

PS You may not remember me, but we met on one of the Berryessa/Rayhouse Road rides this past spring. I was on a 2011 990R.

Looking forward to the rest of the RR.

Hey Leo,
Of course we remember you!
You were riding with Kyle. Also, you were really hauling ass on Knoxville-Berryessa Rd.

We're using the Excel A60, superlaced by Woody's.
It's the 1.6" one. Matt said he had the regular Excel (1.85") on the 950 and it still got trashed.

We're also running .70 springs - that probably helps.
34 psi at all times...

Matt used to lift the front end if something looked really bad.
But, lately (after the re-valve and new springs) he barely slows down for rocks. We hit big ones, and at speed.
We've got a couple small dents in the A60, - but that's not bad, considering...

Hope that helps!

Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
Video watch See, I can follow instructions but don't get too used to it.

Still enjoying following along, you reports are always fun.
Originally Posted by Rwelch360 View Post
Don't worry I went and watched the video!!!
I should have looked for some video of people crashing on that section to compare it too.
Originally Posted by HardWorkingDog View Post
Did my duty. Beat anything on tv for excitement, 'cept for a Giants game
Originally Posted by sion View Post
I'm proud to say that I was one of the five who watched. I watch all your videos, click all the links...when I read a RR, I'm all in.

keep it comin Wans...

Thanks, you guys!! (oh, sion. I'm sorry about some of those really stupid links - but, grazie!...)

OK, you don't have to watch any more.
I was just pouting because the sad "5" was bumming me out.
That wasn't even 1 view per hour of work for that one post.

Then, my photos/screen shots were all scrambled up and out of order and I was having a meltdown.

I had dinner (and a glass of wine) and I feel better now.

I'm still not sure what to do about Bethel Ridge.
Tomorrow is a busy day, but I'll look at the video again and see what I can do with it...

p.s. HardWorkingDog- yeah, that was a crazy game!
Matt was watching while I worked on the report. So much rain!

p.p.s. Hi Uller!
Thanks for watching the video!
Yeah, there was a lot of traffic on the WABDR when we were there, too.
Makes all those blind corners really stressful.

Originally Posted by zeegman View Post

Megaforce - man does that bring back memories.

And those bikes - I want one!!!

"Deeds not Words"

Haha, I'm glad you liked it, Mike!
I love it when Barry Bostwick takes off his helmet and he has that headband on...
I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw that movie...

Day 45: 8/5/12 continued
Near Lion Rock to Horseshoe Lake Campground 196 miles

Gate duty.

Uh oh. I just noticed that sign that says "Discover Pass Required"
Oops. We tried, but we suck.

We finally met some inmates here!
Rivermonster on the left, Adventurerik on the right.
RM ride report, here. AE report, here.
They were having such a great time on the WABDR! Super nice guys, and really into the trail.

Matt checked out their WABDR map so he could see when to expect Bethel Ridge...

Heading up to Mount Cleman...

This one's for the heavy equipment nerds...
We were trying to find a good spot to check out the view.

Mt. Rainier, peeking between the rock piles.

Here we go. Meh.
There will be better ones, coming up at Bethel Ridge.

I think there were some rocky sections between that Oak Creek sign and this pavement,
but I don't have any pics! Sorry.
The GoPro was being weird, too...

We did see this group of BMWs... I was happy to get a pic of them.
Didn't see much luggage, so it must have locals doing a Sunday ride...

Matt wanted to do some video here, but the GoPro wouldn't work.
Turns out, it was so hot, it shut itself off.
It was over 100F, remember?

We were riding through these roads when I noticed that Matt was going pretty fast.
I poked him. Hey, what about the tires?
He said something like, "the bike wants to race!"
Huh? What the hell is he talking about?
OK, but when that rear is totally shot, don't come crying to me...

Then I heard some honking behind us.
It was a guy on a DRZ400. He was hooting and hollering, pumping his fist.
OH. That bike wants to race...

We stopped and the guy was sooo stoked!
He was really fired up about watching us ride 2up on the 990.
Something about a 990 being his dream bike and he knew it would handle great!

He and his friend (on a KLR) were out for a ride, and were heading up to Bethel Ridge.
We'll follow you, then...
He took off like a rocket!

We were going to let the KLR go next,
but his tires were bald like ours, so he said he'd catch up...

The DRZ.

Matt was trying to balance FUN, with caution (that MT21 was sooo sketchy).
It wasn't easy.

Normally, we don't mind rocks, but we were chunking up that tire so bad...
Matt tried to go to the right, to avoid the rocks, but it wasn't any better. Just slower.

Doh! A deer! (sion will remember that one...)

The DRZ got around us and stopped.
We assumed we would see those guys up on Bethel Ridge, so we didn't stop.
But, we never saw them again.
We waited for a while, but they must have gone a different way.
Too bad.
I think he had more questions about the 990...

Can you see that bird up there? Not sure what it was. Something pretty big.

And then right after that bird flew by, this weird white thing went by.
Another bird? I looked at the footage frame by frame and I'm not sure what it is.

You guys were so good with the polar bear/grizzly hybrid/spirit bear thing, give this one a shot, OK?

All right, I'll stop here.
Bethel Ridge is next and I'm not ready...
There's probably all kinds of typos in this post, but I'm too tired to fix anything...

Are you in the mood for some Mameshiba?

Sleep tight, everyone!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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