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Originally Posted by Baldy View Post
I follow triathlon very closely 'cus I love it and his performances in the last few of them has been astonishing. Amazing at 41. He looks fabulous too.
Agreed. I volunteered to ride my motorcycle as a camera bike for the SuperFrog triathlon in Coronado last month. Local news ended up running a clip of me riding next to him as the photographer snapped away.

My Facebook update that day was "What a stunning athlete. Love him or hate him, the guy is a machine." I still stand by that -- but having read the USADA report here and there, and especially the having closely followed the confessions of his former teammates...I no longer am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he's clean.

The energy and presence he brought to the SuperFrog was really, really palpable. Wouldn't have been the same event had he not been there.

Also, one of the photographers I had on my bike is someone who knows him somewhat well and it was fun to listen to the two of them chat while we rode alongside him. Lance was pacing the leader by a few hundred meters on the bike stage and he asked the photog who it was in front. The photog told him it was last year's or the year before's USAT world champ (or something suitably impressive) and Lance did one of these faces and said "Shit, I need to pick up the pace. I didn't realize it was that guy!"

Crappy cell phone pic from the news broadcast. I'm the guy on the GSA with the yellow vest off to the right there.

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