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Wow! This thread has sort of slowed down a bit since I last posted. I took my two dogs to the groomer this week. When I picked them up at Petco, I took them on the leashes to the car and had my wife pay for the grooming. We waited quite a while for her, but she took a really long time to come out to the car. When she came outside, she had a couple with a mini schnauzer trailing behind her. Yup, we inherited another riding partner, as my wife could not turn the dog down. The couple was giving it away and could not care for it. My wife is a softie and I guess I am too, but we really didn't need a third dog and if our landlord finds out, he may just have us in the doghouse for sure. My rig is apart at present, as I just had it powder coated and I am only mocking fenders and all into place at the moment. I can't really train this new dog (Hope) just yet, as the bike is not roadworthy just yet. I named her Hope, as my wife hopes we can keep her and I hope that we don't get into trouble by doing so. I know now that I can never take my wife with me to the groomer's again. :-)

Any rate, my rig is being done up into a Dog Taxi theme. It will have checkerboards on the fenders, tank and hack. The taxi sign will likely be placed onto the trunk decklid, as I seldom ride with a spare tire these days. Lots of ideas to ponder in what all I want on the bike to contrast with the orange color. The dogs are ticked that they have to wait for me to put it all back together before they can ride. Not in a hurry to get it done, as I want it done up right. Any rate, here are just a few random flickr pics to share with you. No pics of Hope just yet. She is a silver back gray color and a small dog, for sure. I have ridden with three dogs in the past, but I have no idea as to how easy she will be to train as a new hack partner. Hope to have some hack buddy photos of her in the Dog Taxi before long, but this may take a bit before getting it all back together.
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