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Originally Posted by pierce View Post
he's got a point., a front blowout at speed is skeeery, especially in a turn. I left quite a bit of road rash on Laureles Grade near Carmel Valley once when my front sew-up ("tubular" to you kids) came unglued at speed.
I'll grant you its scary. ...but its NOT an automatic crash like is implied.


Think about it for a bit: where's the most weight on a bicycle? Over the rear wheel. Right?

Where's the majority of your flats? Betcha its the rear wheel again.

Why? Just like on the moto, the front tire kicks up whatever it is and the rear wheel rolls over it. S'why there's something like 70/30 rr/ft flats on both motos and bicycles. Maybe even 80/20.

So... while Sheldon was a fart smeller, there's some things he spouts off about (and people believe) that need thinking about to see whether he's talking out his ass or not.

I will say that if you wait too long and the rear tires seriously squared off, it get fun to turn in. Takes a little effort to get the tire off the square section and onto the side of the tread. AMHIK Is it dangerous? Not if you're a half decent bike handler.

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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