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Many guys and gals don't even bother with the 1200's, and go bigger, with the expected results.
The guy you work with already HAS kids though....

New bike time is time to be careful till you learn the bike, new tires, new throttle response, different weight bias, I always take it easy for a while on anything new.

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You make it sound like you just started riding...and you choose an 800CC bike to start on?!

A Guy I work with just started on a 1200 (I'll leave the make out of it) and already feels confident enough to go without his helmet and even take his kid along for the ride. (Natural selection in action that can take out the bloodline entirely!)

I'll never understand this penis compensating need for a 2 wheeled strap-on.

Glad you're ok and I hope you at least learned something from the experience.
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