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Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
As far as I have been able to ascertain (and believe me, I've been looking into this a lot recently), the engine in the current GasGas Randonne and the current 2012 model Scorpa TY125F (European model) is basically a [licenced?] copy of the original Yamaha 123cc engine you find in the TTR125 - ie. with an electric starter fitted - but it is not made by Yamaha at all.

However, I also understand that for 2013, GasGas at least will be offering the Randonne with a bigger bore (possibly an aftermarket kit, either dealer or factory fitted) which I imagine will be the same as the 163cc kit currently available for the existing/earlier Yamaha-engined Scorpa's, and which was basically the same as factory fitted to the TY-F200.

Now that, with it's street legal lights and an e-starter could very well make the perfect trail/play/dual-sport bike?


ps. Away from the factory/dealer offerings, another option is that in Europe at least, the Yamaha Trailway comes as a 125cc - so presumably they share the same bottom end/crankcases? (which I have yet to have confirmed) - If so, then I imagine fitting a TW200 or even a XT225 engine into the Scorpa or GasGas frame shouldn't be too much of a stretch - as long as the head/carb and ancillaries fit into the space available...
I only kind of talked to importer about 4 - 5 weeks ago, at the KC Trials meet... He had one of the randonee, anyone could test ride (the 125 that is).

I asked, because in the back of my head I thought neater than old reflux's and with electric start maybe the wife could ride it, and we could use it in town instead of the car...

But, He said to make the bike street legal in the USA, it has to undergo stringent EPA certification, which costs upwards of 15-20 Thousand dollars... So at the time of the discussion, it didn't sound like you could tag one, in the foreseeable future. I then moved on and watched other stuff going on in the area.

But, as they always say, Consumers decide what will be and what goes the way of billions of other failed to sell ideas, I would imagine if there was enough bikes to be sold in the USA for such an endeavor as the certification, it could be done. I bet if they sell 50 of these a year (IMHO a LOT to sell), that means each bike would have to just have about $400 added to the price tag? or absorbed as "overhead" for all gasgas models that already are too high (like everything else) because of the friggin weak dollar!
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