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Originally Posted by Ginger Beard View Post
What the fuck is wrong with people?

People that do crap like that simply amaze the hell out of me.

Had a strange situation happen to me one time on a nice twisty road. A guy on a Gixxer got up closely behind me on my DS bike. I was just cruising along at an easy pace so at the first place I was able, I slowed to about 15mph , pulled to the shoulder and tried to wave him by. He did not pass and instead slowed down and followed me to the shoulder. I tried several more times to get him to pass. He would slow down each time and get behind me. When I would pull away he would wheelie until he was right up on my ass and then would flash his high beams at me. After 3 or 4 times of this bullshit I quickly ripped to the right side of the lane and got on the brakes hard so that he was next to me. I threw up the " WTF?!" hands and got an ADV solute (accompanied by flailing angry hands) in return. He then got behind me AGAIN and started doing the Formula 1 tire warm up swerve about 3 feet from my fender. On the next right hander I went off into the dirt, dropped down into 3rd ,dumped the clutch and pinned the living dogshit out of my bike. The Trakmaster II through a spectacular roost of mud and grass all over him. At the next pull off I pulled over and invited him to do the same....He continued on without even look in my direction as he passed. I wouldn't normally fuck with another rider but this was a special situation. I will never know what the hell was wrong with the dude but I am sure that screwing with a plated dirt bike is now low on his to-do list.
That was awesome if you actually hit him with all that shit.

Still, some dude aims his bike at me that close and starts spinning his rear wheel, I'm going to look at it the same as if he pulled a gun out and aimed it at me. If there's a chance to get at him, even if it means jumping off of my bike and letting it fall over, it's on.
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