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Originally Posted by Off the grid View Post
If you keep spewing this tripe this thread can go on forever. You have anecdotal evidence at best.

Tell me what "great high-performance bikes" Honda has produced for the dual sport/enduro market in the last 10 years.

And I would put up KTMs RFS series of bikes against any Honda built for reliability and maintenance. Keep in mind that I've actually owned both an XRR and a KTM RFS bike. Pay attention, because this is the important part.....actual empirical evidence.

You do know that dual sport bikes require regular maintenance, right? There is no bike you can just flog.

That "list" you are parading around is due to one thing only...the amount of riders that are on KTMs now. Period.
Well, I've owned plenty of RFS bikes too, and XRs going back to the 1970's, CRF's now... race prepped both kinds too.

IMHO, I do like the RFS bikes but they don't hold up as well as the Honda's. I've seen too many cast pistons crumble and output shafts sheer off to believe in KTM reliability. I think they have a great platform, but the QC just isn't there as it is in Japan.

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