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Originally Posted by Sporting Wood View Post
Well, I've owned plenty of RFS bikes too, and XRs going back to the 1970's, CRF's now... race prepped both kinds too.

IMHO, I do like the RFS bikes but they don't hold up as well as the Honda's. I've seen too many cast pistons crumble and output shafts sheer off to believe in KTM reliability. I think they have a great platform, but the QC just isn't there as it is in Japan.

This is my good buddy Hal just a few days ago riding his purchased from new 02 520 EXC with 18k miles on it. Original Engine, top end, valves, etc. You can see he is not easy on his bike. The other bike is a GasGas 2-stroke

Skill aside, does Honda even make a bike that could ride these trails, at these speeds...safely? Does it have a bike that makes the power that can do roll-on wheelies in 3rd and 4th gear to get through puddles and over obstacles? Has it EVER made a bike with the brakes, suspension and HP to ride like this?

This is why everyone I know started on Japanese bikes, and now ride Euro...
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