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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
I'm exploring the tubeless option, for the same reasons, after feeling the difference on my MTB.

And, I managed to squeeze a 28mm, into my GF's road bike. She's not going back to the 23s. But, after getting a 'cross bike, she never rides her road bike, anyway. Funny, how that worked; get a more all-'rounder bike and enjoy cycling even more.
The last set of wheels I had built for my CAAD are Stan's Alpha Pro rims. I want to run them tubeless, but have just not found a true tubeless road tire I like. The Hutchinson Atoms are 300g each... without adding the sealant. My Conti GP4000 all seasons with latex tubes are only 240g each. I'm not adding almost a half pound in rotating weight to try tubeless just yet. On my mountain bike, I don't care as much about that weight but it makes a discernible difference on the road bike.
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