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Originally Posted by Yellow Pig View Post
Regardless, it's still a less than optimal design in my opinion. (The oil tank/radiator, not the skid plate)
Define optimal, then. Clearly, you do not understand the "fuse" in the system - any system, structural or electrical or ? - and how it should yield. Would you rather the stock skidplate cracks(it's diecast, and fails sacrificially long before the centercases do) or worse yet, the centercases cost you half the cost of the bike to replace...not counting the stranding it cost you?

Take some responsibility for your riding and admit you made a mistake landing where you did, how you did, when you did...and don't blame KTM and certainly not Black Dog for any sort of design flaws. Would you try to sue Fiskars if you fell on a pair of their scissors and skewered yourself?

In fact, you should detail any other failures you have had, and come up with a solution for them, too. Funny how "the rest of us" can ride the same bike with lesser protection and no problems because we understand that limitations are not in engineering so much as they are in cognisance of limitations...
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