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:-) That is funny...

Yes, I have considered the dash and various instruments to add, but right now I'm just concentrating on doing the rig and adding the checkerboards. If you ever price a real meter and such on Ebay, you will see that would get costly pretty quickly. Those NY taxis, Checkers and Yellow Cab folk pay some hefty prices on such stuff. I have found at least one meter and working Taxi flag at a local antique store, but the price was waaaaay to high to pick it up. I am still trying to decide the wording for the "cutsie" Taxi Fare sign and just where I wish to place it. (Probably beneath the hack door). That sign will post some various prices for trips. (Ideas only):

Initial Charge = One tin of Little Ceasar's.
Doggie Treat per 1/5th mile.
T-Bone Steak = Night surcharge.
First Born Child = Fuel surcharge.
Photos = Free service on the second Tuesday of each week.

Here is a really crappy photo on my flickr set, but it at least explains the funny Taxi Fare idea. That sign is not placed where I'll end up with mine, but neither is the checkerboard pattern on the tank. It is just used for me planning some ideas to ponder. Not sure what a sign person can do towards making one of these as I want.

I'm having to watch my wallet on what I'm spending on this rebuild job, so the graphics are cheaper to contend with than the meter and such. Still looking for a small Taxi Cap for my dogs to wear. Lots to do before this rig hits the road once again, but the Dog Taxi concept will be fun, I'm sure.

If anyone has any better or funnier sayings/charges to consider for the Taxi Fare sign, please add them. It is somewhat limited as to how much I can put on one or how long the sentences are, I suspect.
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