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While my GasGas EC300 is not my dualsport, it has gone on multiday unsupported (excluding pick-up and drop-off) trips. I know it is a terrible cell phone picture, but it is the only one I have of any of my bikes with camp gear on board.

283lbs loaded and full of fuel :

Wolfman E-12 saddlebags and Renegade duffel stuffed with:

Kelty salida 2 tent (I'm 6'5" so I HAVE TO sleep diagonally in here, plenty of room to bring my stuff inside and my filthy gear can stay dry under the vestibule)

Big agnes 20" insulated pad (I sleep on my side with a leg out so maybe the 25" would work better... I'll live with it)

cheap Sports Authority 40* mummy bag packs to the size of a canteloupe (this REALLY needs to be replaced with a 0* or 20*)

pistol +20 rounds

alcohol stove and cookware from Big 5

folding saw

folding shovel

compact hiking shoes

rain gear

swim trunks


food for 3 days (MRE's and freeze dried, along with foil pouch of tuna, can o' spam, Idahoan potatoes, individual instant coffees and hot cocoa packets, crystal light individual "energy" drink mixes)

water filter

I did carry all my usual tools/ first aid/ bike spares/ high calorie junk food/ etc. as well, but they were in my backpack (12.2L including my 3L bladder) so were not included in the above weight. This was at the beginning of september so the weather in the High Sierra's was still pleasant (though it did drop to freezing 1 night) as the weather cools I will have to add my tankbag to the setup to carry more layers. A lower temp rated sleeping bag is the #1 priority on my camp list as everything else worked great for my uses.

Overall weight was a big concern on this particular trip and road useage was maybe 10 miles so I opted to leave the heavier plated bike at home. The same gear on my 690 would have put me over 350lbs total and wrestling that through the non-stop boulder field that is the Dusy-Ershim trail would have taken a lot of fun out of the ride. I just had my buddy on his plated TE250 ride behind me on the road!

One final note:
Idahoan instant potatoes are the shit, I think I could live off of them.
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