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Originally Posted by chrish4ku View Post
Love the report - your GoPro seems to capture some weird stuff, ehh?

Wow, chrish4ku, you have a good eye!
Is that Sasquatch? or is it just Paul?

Originally Posted by redog1 View Post
. You already know I enjoy your reports.
Still lurking.
Hey redog, aw, I know.
Thanks for checking in.
You know I always get whiny at the end of a long ride report.

Among other things...

Matt thinks I’m losing my mind.
He said, “First of all, you’re making people look at videos of bird shit...”
“and, then this Mameshiba thing...
you’re a little too into Mameshiba...”

I can’t hear you, this giant bow is covering my ears...

Anyway, it doesn’t matter right now.
Just put on that lion suit and the pink tube top I got you...

and, DANCE, monkey fighter! Dance!

Day 45: 8/5/12 continued
Near Lion Rock to Horseshoe Lake Campground 196 miles

It was nice up there...

Fun riding and no one else around...

It got kinda rutted, though...

It must have been a real mess when zeegman and Just Paul and their group went through here.
June was too early, you guys!

Here’s video of Road 325, in August...
I don’t want to over-sell this one, but this was definitely my favorite section of the WABDR!

Oh, but the sun was pretty jacked up.
We've got that seizure robot action going on.
Make sure you put in your mouthguard before watching!!

There was a neat bit in that video where Matt walked out to the edge and looked down,
but I cut it to make the video shorter.
You get screen shots instead...

Here, have a couple real photos...

And look who was up there - Ladybug!

Looking down at Rimrock Lake

Leaving Bethel...

Rimrock Lake

Rock slide barrier on the highway...

Looking up at the potential rock slide...

Matt slowed down so I could take this photo...

Haha, Matt says "Caution" is his middle name!

Stopped at a gas station for fuel and sugar.
I think it was Packwood.

There were elk eating the lawn...

We rode around for a while, looking for a good camping spot.
There wasn’t much.
We stopped at one campground and it was packed.
Screaming kids and barking dogs everywhere, and $18.
No thanks.

There was one pack camp (for people with horses and such), it was so tempting.
But we weren’t allowed.
There was a lady there with a llama!
I wish I had taken a photo. It was cool.

We ended up at Horseshoe Lake. $12.
The dirt roads really thin the crowds.
There were only 2 other occupied spots.

Matt tried to jump in. He doesn’t recommend it...

Our headlight ballast was acting up, so matt fiddled with it.
No luck.

This big bug landed on me, so I made Matt take a photo.

Dinner was chickpea curry with stuffing and chicken.
Pretty much the same thing we always eat.

Norm was good today.

Maybe he’s in love with the mountain.

Chickpea Mameshiba, in honor of chickpea curry stuffing...

Some day I'm gonna run out of these and you guys will be sad...


OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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