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Originally Posted by YOUNZ View Post
That is the type of system I have. The red to white wire was a typo, it's the green to white wire.
If I manually close the points in the regulator, I should get output from the alt., correct?
But that doesn't necessarily mean the reg. is defective, does it?
The regulator has a spring pushing the arm up. When the arm is up the field coil is getting the most power that it gets (the wire to the field coil goes through just PART of the wire-wound resistor. When the electromagnet gets 13V it pulls the arm down and the field coil gets less power -- the circuit to the field coil is going through the ENTIRE wire-wound resistor.

The voltage is adjustable. The screw through the upright puts more tension or less tension on the spring. You MAY need to turn the screw IN to increase the tension on the spring to make sure the field coil gets more juice. I'm not saying this is recommended because it's a pain to get the tension just right i.e. ride with a meter on and see where the regulator steps the voltage down then turn the screw . . . .

EDIT: But I didn't answer your question. You can't manually close the points because they're closed up and they're closed down.

EDIT AGAIN: My error for using the terms "up" and "down". I did a lot of work with a couple of regulators on my bench. On the motorcycle, left corresponds to my up and right corresponds to my down. Or you can just imagine your regulator on the workbench and my terminology will be impeccable.
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