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Oct 20 - Highway 16

Most of the past 3 days has been riding in the desert. I like the beauty of the desert but after awhile, going in a straight line and being hot gets old.

So, it was delightful to have almost a full day of Mexico Hwy 16. First 100 km or so was the end of the desert, then the road got a bend, then another, then another, faster and faster until Im in the mountains and loving it. About 6 hours riding time of twisty roads. Here is a short clip I edited. I put a camera mount on my left crash bar to see how it works compared to the helmet mount. Im going to have to play around with it a bit as I was hoping it would do a better job of picking up some of the scenery.

I remember being frustrated the last time I was in Mexico of not being able to find a place to stop to take pictures. Sometimes you can just hold the camera in the left hand but on a twisty road, that is just stupid so, I didnt do it that much. To try to alleviate that problem, I stuck a second Ram ball on my handlebars (The first has my SPOT) and then the plan was stick my Ram mount with threads for a camera on there. Problem is I forgot my Ram mount with threads the reason I was trying to hunt one down in Phoenix. So, I MacGyvered a mount using my mini- tripod . . . kinda works great. There is still an art to taking pics while moving but here are a couple of some of the scenery.

Was pulled over for a stretch and here comes a couple of obvious moto-travelers. They turn around and stopped for a chat. Really nice couple Ils and Johan from Belgium. Had shipped themselves and their bikes to South America on a freighter and were heading to Alaska. Like I may well be too late to get to Ushuia , it looks like they wont beat the snow to Alasaka. They will probably just make Vancouver before heading to Miami to ship the bikes back to Belgium. Their Ride Report is here.

Was heading for the little town of Basaseachi with plans that I would likely have to camp so was surprised to find a hotel right on what I thought was the edge of town. Lady running the place seemed a bit put off that I had showed up. Yes they have rooms. Can I see one? Wave of the hand, sure. Are they open? Yes. Doors all locked, looked in the window looked fine. And, they have a restaurant here so I wont have to look for dinner.

I just dont have my Mexico brain inserted yet. Forgot to ask about hot water . . . in fact, forgot to ask about any water for the shower. Figured that one out when I was about ready to go roust grumpy Mama and ask for some towels. Then decided it was time for dinner and wandered over to the restaurant which was closed up tighter than a drum. Hmmm, well I dont feel like riding to wherever to find some dinner so lets go explore the Mini-Super at the Pemex across the street. I was able to procure an almost fully balanced meal:

Cup O Noodles Meat, grain and a couple of pieces of onion so, vegetable.

Yogurt Dairy, fruit

Potatoe chips vegetable

Beer nuts vegetable

Cookies grain, chocolate

The only food group missing for this meal was beer.

At about 6500 feet altitude, it is noticeably cooler but the room (as are many at higher elevations) equipped with a propane heater. However, no propane bottle, but it had a heater. Lots of blankets though.

TV had one channel so, went to bed early and slept well.

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