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Originally Posted by Tusker View Post
I noticed in the picture that your chain looks extremely tight. You need to run it quite loose on these bikes or you will run into countershaft problems. Many guys take the shock out and adjust the chain by running the rear wheel through all it's travel to make sure you don't have a tight spot.
I adjusted it yesterday.

You even had me second guessing myself. It does look really tight in that picture. Maybe the angle...

I just went out in the garage and checked it.

When I first got the bike, I had to pull the shock off to remove the head pipe.
When I did that, I jacked up the swingarm where it was pointing right at the countershaft and adjusted it with 10mm of slack.
After I put the shock back on, I took the bike off of the stand and put 2 marks on my wrench so I'd know how much slack to leave
without having to remove the shock when it was time to adjust the chain again.

Good observation though. I have new sprockets and a chain ordered too, just in case you notice the piss poor condition my rear sprocket is in.
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