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Evil scooter plans for my nephew...

Ok, so my nephew lives in the Pacific Northwest. He's 22, unemployed, no college, no drivers license (never bothered getting it), and doesn't know how to drive a car. He's got no real ambition or direction in life but he's up for all kinds of adventures.

Here's my plan...

Step 1) Purchase a "starter" scoot. I'm thinking something 250CC or less, probably in the 125-150 range. Ideally it will be used and cheap. I recently bought a salvage Yam Majesty but I think that may be too much bike for him initially. (Did those words really just come out of my mouth?) Ideally I'm thinking fuel injected if possible because he knows very little about maintenance.

Step 2) Buy ticket for him, fly him out. I told him to get his beginner's permit before he comes. He's willing to do that. I mean, it's just a test right? Hell, I'll even pay for that. I'm thinking next summer timeframe.

Step 3) Put him through the MSF locally.

Step 4) Take him on a scooter ride. We'll spend 3-4 days on the road together, maybe cruising up to Colorado.

Step 5) Turn him loose. Around day 4 on the road with him and once I'm comfortable he knows what he's doing, my plan is to hand him $500, the title, 6 months of insurance on the scooter and say "so long!" It shouldn't take him TOO long to get back to Oregon right? He's got a cell phone and can always buy a bus ticket if things go wrong.

Thoughts? Scooter recommendations? I considered a 49CC but it would take just too long for him to get back to Oregon on it plus there's a bit more safety, IMO, in a bike that can cruise at highway speeds instead of just city speeds. He's sort of tall... if I could find/rebuild a salvage SH150i that would probably be perfect or maybe a PCX or Zuma 125?
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