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Yeah, Moped Army, well....... There is a branch of the MA around here called the Tom Cruisers. For a more mature moped site, try

Many places have parts for Puch mopeds, but the Pinto mostly has a Puch engine. I have gotten a lot of parts for my Maxi from It's run by a guy named Dave, and he's pretty cool. Myrons is good, 1977 Mopeds is owned by a member of the Moped Army named Dan Kastner, who along with Simon King, started the Moped Army back in 1997. I got involved with them in about '02. You can find my posts, all 5000+ of them, under "JunkyardDog". If you think the place is bad now, you should have seen it several years ago. It got so bad I finally left. It has improved considerably since then, but I've moved on to other things. I once had my yard and shed full of mopeds and moped parts, now I'm down to just the one Puch. You might also contact a guy called MoPedLar, who still collects mopeds and parts. He is on both MA and

IMO, the Pinto is one of the nicest looking mopeds ever made. Parts for them are out there. JC Penny also sold a moped called a Swinger, and some of the parts from it are the same as the Pinto.
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