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Swapped out the Tank Fuel filter, with the Napa 3011. Stock filter was dark? But I didn't see any alien particles in there. New filter in, took the injector off and cycled the bike on and off to clear the fuel line into a bucket. Cleaned the injector again, hooked er all up and the bike started up instantly. But stalled again...

Haven't ran a pressure test on the pump, will have to pick up a gauge (thanks again for the tip Crankshaft). No one has a sparkplug in town, so will order one tommorrow, and probably just order a Cycleworks pump and drop that in. If it doesn't improve anything, well heck I got a spare pump then. If it fixes it then I'm good to go!

Bike ran at idle for 5 minutes or so, then died. Started right back up easy enough, would idle, then die. TIre is still off it so I didn't try ridin. If I can't get it running perfect in the garage no sense trying to flog it down the road I figure...

Was so intimidated at first by working on the fuel system, but it really is simple on the 690 I'm finding? Provided the pump fixes it and it gets runnin of one within 3 hours who could remap it for me either. Suppose I could check the pressure, first, and if its working try to remap, incase its off for some reason.

Will sleep on it, ride safe y'all!

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