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Originally Posted by jdgretz View Post
Since the Tesi 3D is on my short list of bikes I would love to have if I had stupid amounts of money, I've got to ask - what's it like to ride? How does the center hub steering feel compared to anything other than a para-lever BMW?


btw, I just may hate you.
To put it in a parlance that you'd understand jdg, it is like flying the cyclic pitch or collective in a say, B206 or AS350 or UH-1H with full hydraulics and no frictions. Because the steering force is separated from the braking force when you front brake before coming into a corner or indeed if you brake whilst in a corner, the steering continues to be light, "hydraulic like" unlike conventional forks. I also own a BMW. The paralever that you talk about applies more to the rear swing arm, not front, so there is no comparison possible - or were you asking whether the Tesi sits down on acceleration?? (It doesn't).

The bike begs to be ridden above 120kph or faster. It is not easy riding the Tesi at 60kph or less because the engine 'struggles' at that gearing speed. The bike is very light - something like 155kg. The wheelbase does not become shorter when you apply the front brakes so it is very steady in steering. I hope this answers your question.

I was going to take more shots with my Go Pro but the damn thing won't switch on, charge or respond!! Bitch!! Anyone know why??
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