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Originally Posted by mhouck View Post
Wow, I'm surprised at that. Good information to have as I toil away on my RD03 restoration...
I wonder if African Queens tanks are any different?
I think African Queens tanks are better quality . Here's the link with the picture of African Queens tank , just scroll down :

You can compare AQ and my Boano tank photos and see the difference in finish and quality. It's so much sanding and filling has to be done to match the sides so left and right looks even and before painting Boano tank, it's not even funny!!! Fiberglass cloth sticking out in some places . Who ever made a mold for this tank never took the stickers of the original that was used as a mold making dummy tank, so there's prints of that and etc. I would never put my name on a product like this , but it's just me. I heard the guys that bought the rally fairings from Boano said that a lot of work is needed to fit it right and prep it for painting. I hope my tank won't leak , I'm still waiting for the inner coating to dry , because when I received it the tank inside was still wet . Brackets to attach the side plastics don't line up and I can keep going...
The idea itself is good , an independent dual tank that's robust and light. If you crash badly in the middle of nowhere and crack one side , you can still limp to civilization on half the tank.
If it was "Made in USA" tank of this quality delivered to my door, I would have returned it the same day and cursed the seller out over the phone.
I'll let you know if it's leaking or not in couple off days after I fill it up .
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