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Originally Posted by klaviator View Post
I don't get what fuel injection has to due with maintenance. I understand the advantages of fuel injection but how much maintenance a scooter requires has nothing to due with whether it has FI or carbs. What's more important is the interval between oil changes, belt changes, valve adjustments, etc. Ideally what he needs is a cheap, simple to work on scooter that needs a lot of maintenance. Then maybe he'll get off his lazy ass and learn how to work on it. I'm sure you can pick up a cheap China scoot with a GY6 for next to nothing. For a little more you can get him a cheap Chinese tool kit so he won't have any excuses for not working on it.
yeah my Agility went 10,000 miles with zero maintenance 'cept for oil changes (engine / gear), air filter cleaning, and um....thats it. tires. ran and runs like a top. and this guy doesn't sound like he is going to ride as much. so fuel injection or no a scooter is a scooter is a scooter. just start with a decent one and it should be ok, op

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