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Originally Posted by jconly View Post
Currently on the road, and am running into this problem again.
Does anyone know why on earth my tracks aren't appearing on the map. Not my current track, but those in the track manager which I've set to "View on Map." This morning it was working fine, but as the day progressed it eventually disappeared at one point. I'm trying to follow these!

Any ideas?
I have run across the opposite; tracks that I selected in Track Manager to "hide on map" remained on the map view. Going back into Track Manager, they were still showing on the map and I had to select "hide on map" a second time for it to "stick".

This seems to happen to me when I'm managing over a handful of tracks at once; the Montana seems to like me to select to show or hide a single track and then return to map view. Managing multiple tracks before returning to map view has, in my experience, tended to confuse the Montana.
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