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Originally Posted by zeeede View Post
I asked that question in the LS2 thread in vendors ( Here is the response:

In the United States have LS2 brand dealers, so our LS2 helmet can't stick the DOT certification.

So sounds like no, but I really have no idea what he said.
Yep, that's Chinglish for ya... English is actually an official language here in Hong Kong, but given that the people in government only speak Chinglish, this can lead to some confusion.

FWIW, the DOT doesn't "approve" anything. If a manufacturer believes its products meet the appropriate DOT standard (generally this involves having them tested by an independent laboratory), then it is allowed to sell its products with the "DOT" sticker attached. Some quotes about that here.

So, if they're unwilling to label their helmets "DOT", those helmets must be somehow different from the similar-looking ones that have been tested (hopefully!) and found to be in compliance with the DOT standard. The non-DOT ones may be no worse than the others, but you just won't know.

London, UK/So.Cal., USA
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