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Phhaaa AACKKKK!! That's kinda what I'm readin and finding out. Nearest dealer 3 hours, and "the guy" to talk to didn't return my call yesterday, and it was recommended I don't leave a message but call back as he is a busy guy

Will try him again of course but my crystal ball tells me it's a 6 hour round trip, and a stalling issue when I get home!

The "tuneECU hardeware is downloadable, any idea where to get the required cable in Canada? I'll have to look more in depth look after work, and see how that's all done. Might as well do it all myself and eliminate the middle guy! Sucks for them though...

Idled for 6 minutes this morning though, like a loved one comin out of a trance. We spoke, she told me she loved me, I touched her and looked in her pretty orange face as she slipped away from me again...

And when she was gone I swore at her and called her an ignorant C__t!

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