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During my misspent and impressionable youth, I had a Cushman scooter (step dad's scooter actually) that I rode places I wasn't supposed too....the neighbor had a M68 Pursang. When I was 14 or so, he let me ride the about killed me, but I was hooked, had no interest in the Cushman after that....

I have owned at least one Bul ever since I was about 22....have 3 currently, the Astro with the Frankenmotor (Astro bottom end, Pursang MK11 top end) and 2 - M68 Pursangs, including the actual one I rode so long ago.....found it mostly intact about 10 years ago. Got another mostly intact M68 this spring.

Bul built a lot of bikes that just look right. Even today, tough to beat a Pursang or Astro for looks.....
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