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Map on Montana shows shading

I just made the City Navigator 2012.4 on my Montana visible under Basecamp and noticed something I was not expecting. When I view the map off the Montana I get shading showing up. If I view the same version from the copy loaded on my computer (Mac or Windows) there is no shading.

See examples below....

The computer version

The Montana version

Yes I know the zoom level is different, I just zoomed out more in the 2nd image so you could see the shading of the mountain ranges better. It does go away if I zoom in to 30ft but comes back at 50ft or greater.

All views were in 2D view and Basecamp is up to date on both my Mac and Win-7 PC.

I do not have any Topo maps installed on the Montana or computer.

So what is going on here?

I looked in the Basecamp settings and I did not see anything that was set different between the two maps.

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