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Originally Posted by JAB View Post
Looks pretty good. My bad eyes can't tell about the center electrode. Maybe a tick lean BUT not bad.
Ill show you guys a pic of the plug before the jet had a 230main and needle at richest clip

the center electriode is that grey tan color all the way down...

Im trying to get this perfect so I can get all the punch from this cam swap!

it really is making a difference once the jetting gets tuned...massive amounts of midrange and I can keep a gear longer or rev it out more which is taking A LOT to get used too! since the xr is famous for shortshifting and or lugging gears...

here is a pic of a DPR 9 plug or one cooler that I was using for high speed runs...its looks more tan and it had the needle at richest setting...jet was a 220 however I had a flattness at 3/4 throttle and my intake was stained red with fuel....
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