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Originally Posted by Bugz View Post
Just out of curiousity which intervals you use to lubricate the chain?

Twice daily, I wanted to try maintaining a chain really good to see if it would last longer. It didn't.

It was the stock chain, DID O-ring. It completely fell apart, 1/4" slop in some of the pins. I actually didn't trust it to get me home last night, luckily there is a Honda shop down the street from work. They had a better DID v-ring, I don't really like DID chains, but it's all they carry.

Funny story..I asked for a discount on the chain, he asked if it was because I was a nice guy or something, I said it was because I was sitting on a stool in his store instead of ordering from somebody else online for a good deal...he laughed and took ten bucks off.

I'm not gonna lube this chain, wear it out, then new sprockets and a Regina Z-ring.

Oh yeah, back tire is about done. New tires get here today, spoon 'em on Saturday and give those ugly silver rims a coat of black.
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