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Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
Umm...aren't you at a bit of altitude, in a hilly part of the country?

It also depends on WHICH bikes you're comparing. I wouldn't want to ride an oil-burning KLR or a paint-shaker 640 on a long slab trip either. A WRR on relatively-flat ground at low altitude might be perfectly fine slabbing-wise for many people.
The WRR is great below 5k feet, but it ain't bad in the high places. Mine runs out of throttle on high grades like in the Rockies, but I just go to 5th gear and she comes right back. If she runs out of the throttle in 5th, I go to 4th to maintain my slab speed (65 or so). I like to go to a gear that allows the throttle to be off the stop.
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