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Originally Posted by pierce View Post
butbuttbutt its not a FIXIE! its got that messy CHAIN!!!!

I woulda figured for sure it would be a belt drive affine (internal) system or something.

TruVativ(SRAM) has a new crankset "HammerSchmidt" with front internal planetary gearing so a rear hub shifter now gets you 2xN instead of just N gears. you get a 1:1 'normal' gear (22 or 24 teeth), and a 1:1.6 'overdrive' (equivalent to 35 or 38 teeth). apparently its shifted by tapping a button where the bottom bracket axle cap normally is. For $14K thats the kind of technology I'd expect, combined with a belt drive.

p.s. anyone who's watched Zooey Deschanel's hilarious new TV comedy "New Girl" *will* snicker at the name HammerSchmidt :)
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