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Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post
I only kind of talked to importer about 4 - 5 weeks ago, at the KC Trials meet... He had one of the randonee, anyone could test ride (the 125 that is).

I asked, because in the back of my head I thought neater than old reflux's and with electric start maybe the wife could ride it, and we could use it in town instead of the car...

But, He said to make the bike street legal in the USA, it has to undergo stringent EPA certification, which costs upwards of 15-20 Thousand dollars... So at the time of the discussion, it didn't sound like you could tag one, in the foreseeable future. I then moved on and watched other stuff going on in the area.

But, as they always say, Consumers decide what will be and what goes the way of billions of other failed to sell ideas, I would imagine if there was enough bikes to be sold in the USA for such an endeavor as the certification, it could be done. I bet if they sell 50 of these a year (IMHO a LOT to sell), that means each bike would have to just have about $400 added to the price tag? or absorbed as "overhead" for all gasgas models that already are too high (like everything else) because of the friggin weak dollar!
Yes, it is crazy... I was chatting to Adrian at Lewisport recently about exactly the same thing... what is so stupid is that this bike meets all the current European emissions legislation already, so you'd think they could just accept that? (ok, maybe not in CA, but everywhere else...)

He said he doubted it would [ever] be 50 state compliant, and was certainly not intending to sell them as street legal in CA... however, I know other states have more lenient rules regarding registering dual-sport machines (I DS'ed a Honda XR650R in Nevada at the end of 2007 for example, fitted a lighting kit and got it inspected at the DMV - done.) - so what is to stop anyone getting one of these and registering it yourself - inspected in Arizona or Utah for example? - especially as it has ALL the street legal lighting and other dual-sport equipment fitted from the factory!


PS. I have a Honda TLR200 back in the UK - like you say, this is essentially the modern equivalent!
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